Voices from the Mountain


In 1907, in the wilds of Appalachia, a young girl’s singing stuns outsider Olive Dame Campbell. Haunted and intrigued by the child’s unusual interpretation, Campbell sets out to interview the locals and collect their songs. She is thrilled to discover that the ballads originated in England, Scotland, and Ireland in the early 1700’s but, some 200 years later, were still being sung in the old ways.

Voices from the Mountain is based on the life of Campbell, who had travelled with her missionary husband John C. Campbell from New England to North Carolina. There, she would start the work that would make her one of the first collectors of traditional folk music in Appalachia.  Voices includes traditional ballads, stories, and dances. As with most of our repertoire, Voices from the Mountain encourages audience participation.

Play:  Chris Jorie and Patrick Swanson
Artistic Advisor: Sheila Kay Adams

Photography: Mimi Bernardin

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