In Good Company believes that not only should important historical and cultural stories be told on stage, but we also believe that these stories should be made available to young audiences. This is why we are devoted to performing in elementary schools throughout eastern Massachusetts. Each school show performance brings a new opportunity to share history, culture and the experience of live theater with a new group of students.

A signature feature of In Good Company’s touring school program is incorporating students from the school into the cast. In Good Company provides music to the music teacher, who selects the participating children and teaches them the songs they will perform in the show. In Good Company cast members visit the school before the performance date and provide a workshop for the students, getting them ready to perform with the full company. On the day of the show, students rehearse with the company before the program, then perform in front of their classmates. Participating students receive a certificate commemorating their experience and a cast picture.

Booking Information

Available mornings during the school year (Friday is preferable)

Booking includes:

  • Music from the show, provided one to two months prior to the performance
  • Lesson and Learning Guide (tailored to fit Massachusetts standards)
  • Workshop with cast members approximately one to two weeks prior to the performance
  • Rehearsal with the full company
  • 40 minute performance
  • 5 minute Q & A session
  • No microphones or lights needed. Show can be performed in a library, gymnasium, auditorium, large classroom, etc.

To book an In Good Company school show performance at your school, or for further information, fill out the form below or contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 781-412-4642.

In Good Company is CORI-compliant.

Our school show, The Golden Door, is set in an Armenian grocery store in a transitioning Boston neighborhood. Ani, the third-generation Armenian-American owner, runs the failing store with her Italian-American husband, Marco. One day, unexpected events bring immigrants from Mexico, China, and the Caribbean along with descendants of immigrants from Eastern Europe and Ireland into the store. As the customers struggle to honor their heritage while trying to fit in as Americans, they change not only the way they see each other, but also the future of the store.

The Golden Door was written to address topics of immigration and diversity within the Massachusetts elementary social studies curriculum, specifically “to help students understand that American citizenship embraces all kinds of people, regardless of race…..and national origin.”
(Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for History and Social Science, 2003)

Past Participating Schools

Beechwood Knoll School, Quincy

Berlin Memorial School, Berlin

Brackett Elementary School, Arlington

Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge

Center School, Stow

Charles River School, Dover

Dale School, Medfield

Dallin Elementary School, Arlington

Guilmette School, Lawrence

Lincoln School, Winchester

Neary Elementary School, Southborough

Oliver Elementary School, Lawrence

Peirce School, Arlington

Robert Frost Elementary School, Lawrence

Shady Hill School, Cambridge

Wetherbee School, Lawrence

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